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Grid-tied PV systems


Grid-tied or grid-connected or on-grid PV systems are composed of solar PV arrays (modules), combiner boxes, grid-tied inverter, mounting structures and other BOS (Balance of Systems) such as cables, disconnects, etc.

PVavenue in partnership with IDS Energie provides customized and rigorously engineered turn-key solutions including feasibility study, economic study, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) solutions/services for grid-connected PV system net metering applications.

About net metering

As an eligible customer with a PV or other renewable energy generation systems, net metering allows you to interconnect with your utility and feed your surplus electricity to the utility grid. You can use an equivalent amount of electricity. Your excess electricity is pushed out and “banked” on the utility grid. A bi-directional electronic power meters that read power flow coming and going track the energy sold to the utility.

For a proposal of 50kW grid-connected PV systems, please visit here!


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