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Solar “photovoltaic” (PV) technologies convert solar energy (or radiation or light) directly into electricity. The PV technology produces electricity directly from the interaction of sunlight (photon) with certain semiconductor materials such as silicon in the PV module.

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PVavenue is representing the world tier-1 quality crystalline silicon solar module manufacturer, SHINSUNG, in South Korea. PVavenue offers SHINSUNG's most reliable and durable solar cells/modules at a very affordable price for our valuable customers.

SHINSUNG has 40 years of experience in manufacturing crystalline silicon PV cells and modules in South Korea. Currently, SHINSUNG has 600 MW annual capacity of solar cells and 200 MW annual capacity of solar modules in South Korea.

SHINSUNG's mass production portfolio includes the world most advanced solar cell and module technologies such as PERC (Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell) cells/modules, half-cut cells/modules, bi-facial cells/modules and high density shingle type modules (up to 430W), etc. All the product lines are "degradation-free" products such as LID (Light induced degradation) and PID (Potential induced degradation) which seriously threaten actual field deployment results.   

SHINSUNG has invested tireless efforts in R&D and mass production technologies and will continue to make a difference in the global solar PV industry.

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