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"Contactless" Hand Sterilizer

Infectious diseases such as COVID-19 , H1N1, and SARS are commonly transmitted through direct person to
person contact, mainly through hands. The hand hygiene is very critical.

This stand-alone "contact-less" hand sterilizer detects your hands in the inlet with infrared sensors and sprays mist form of disinfectant solution in 1~2 seconds. Combined with a dryer fan, this system provides a full non-contact hand hygiene method without any secondary infection or cross contamination.

Application: hospitals, clinics, medical centers, schools, museums, senior care centers, day cares, hotels, restaurants, resorts, shopping centers, commercial and public offices, military sites, prisons, and more.

standing hand sterilizer_G.png
spec of standing hand sterilizer.png
hand sterilizer_TM.png
hand sterilizer_SK.png
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