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Ultraviolet (UV) Book Sterilizer


There exist a variety of pathogenic germs, fungus, and bacteria in books and documents. Harmful chemicals (such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene) can remain in books as well as micro-dusts which may contain such pathogenic germs and chemicals.


Ultraviolet (UV) book sterilizer completely removes these pathogenic germs through ultraviolet (UV) ray irradiation.

- proven 99.9% disinfection within 1 minute of operation time

- lower noise level less than 50 dB creating a comfortable ambiance

- proven durability reaching 30,000 times ON/OFF before a UV lamp replacement

- extended HEPA filter life span by blocking the inflow of external dust particles outside

- powerful fan operation to remove micro-dusts enabling the UV rays to reach into every corner of books and documents


Applications: libraries, schools, day cares, hospitals, clinics, museums, senior care centers, offices and more


We provide on-site installation and maintenance service.


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