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UV Air Sterilizer & Deodorizer


Numerous forms of indoor air pollution are possible in public and private buildings such as libraries, hospitals, schools, offices, and homes, etc. According to the World Health Organization, micro-particles and micro-dusts affect severely people’s respiratory and digestive and reproductive systems.


All-in-One air sterilizer & deodorizer is highly effective in killing pathogenic micro-organisms, eliminating micro-pollutants and removing odorous sources by using multiple filters and UV activated hydroxyl (OH) radicals. 


- Three stages of air processing: purification, sterilization, and deodorization


Three layers of filters:

  . Mid-end filter: remove dust, hair, pollen and other air impurities;

  . Activated carbon filter: remove harmful gases and odours;

  . HEPA (H13) filter: efficiently filter 99% of bacteria, viruses and 0.3μm harmful substances: including H1N1, Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus ( With international testing agency certification


- Sterilization and deodorization: uses titanium dioxide (TiO2) under the photosynthesis of UV-A ultraviolet rays to produce strong oxidizing hydroxyl radicals (OH), pollutants and microorganisms will be decomposed when encountering hydroxyl radicals (OH). It becomes non-toxic and non-polluting CO2 and H2O moisture to achieve the effect of decontamination, sterilization and deodorization.


- Touch button with 5 wind speed levels, fresh air can be circulated in 20 mins.


Applications: homes, offices, libraries, schools, daycares, hospitals, clinics, museums, senior care centers, conference centers, cinemas, cafes and more


We provide on-site installation and maintenance service.


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