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Off-grid Solar PV house systems (net zero)


Autonomous PV systems provide electricity in situations where utility power is not available. An off-grid system is ideal for locations where grid connections are not accessible, such as cottages and remote home locations, or for anyone craving greater energy independence. 


The energy generated by PV arrays can be used immediately or stored in energy storage system (ESS) for later use. Normally, the excess energy generated in autonomous PV systems during sunny periods is stored in battery energy storage system (BESS). The batteries then provide electricity at night or when there is not enough solar radiation. For these applications, the PV capacity (kWp) in the array and the capacity (kWh) of the batteries are carefully sized to give optimum performance according to the consumption and the number of days of autonomy.

PVavenue in partnership with IDS Energie provides customized and rigorously engineered turn-key solutions including feasibility study, economic study, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) solutions/services for off-grid PV system applications.


For a proposal of 15kW off-grid PV systems, please visit here!

off-grid 15Wp+ESS.png
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