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PVavenue inc. provides public and individual hygiene, sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization products for our valuable communities against contagious diseases such as COVID-19, H1N1, and SARS. Our product lines include "contactless" sterilizing gate, "contact-less" hand sterilizer, ultraviolet (UV) book sterilizer and UV air sterilizer & deodorizer as well as food fabrication hygiene & safety products (HACCP : Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). The products are mainly developed and manufactured in Canada and South Korea with proven quality, reliability and durability.

PVavenue inc. is committed to helping business owners to overcome COVID-19 with new normal products in Post COVID-19 World!


Let's prepare THE NEW NORMAL in post COVID-19 World!


Sterilizer gate_p1.png
"Contactless" Sterilizing Gate

The "contactless" sterilizing gate with infrared detector automatically sprays disinfectant mist each time people pass through.


Applications: any entrance of public places such as hospitals, clinics, medical centers, schools, museums, senior care centers, daycares, hotels, restaurants, resorts, cinemas, shopping centers, commercial and public offices, military sites, prisons, and more.


We provide on-site installation and maintenance service.

"Contactless" Hand Sterilizer

Infectious diseases such as COVID-19 , H1N1, and SARS are commonly transmitted through direct person to
person contact, mainly through hands. The hand hygiene is very critical.

This stand-alone "contact-less" hand sterilizer detects your hands in the inlet with infrared sensors and sprays mist form of disinfectant solution in 1~2 seconds. Combined with a dryer fan, this system provides a full non-contact hand hygiene method without any secondary infection or cross contamination.

Application: hospitals, clinics, medical centers, schools, museums, senior care centers, day cares, hotels, restaurants, resorts, shopping centers, commercial and public offices, military sites, prisons, and more.

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Book Sterilizer_L_p4.png
Ultraviolet (UV) Book Sterilizer

There exist a variety of pathogenic germs, fungus, and bacteria in books and documents. Harmful chemicals (such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene) can remain in books as well as micro-dusts which may contain such pathogenic germs and chemicals.


Ultraviolet (UV) book sterilizer completely removes these pathogenic germs through ultraviolet (UV) ray irradiation.

- proven 99.9% disinfection within 1 minute of operation time

- lower noise level less than 50 dB creating a comfortable ambiance

- proven durability reaching 30,000 times ON/OFF before a UV lamp replacement

- extended HEPA filter life span by blocking the inflow of external dust particles outside

- powerful fan operation to remove micro-dusts enabling the UV rays to reach into every corner of books and documents


Applications: libraries, schools, day cares, hospitals, clinics, museums, senior care centers, offices and more


We provide on-site installation and maintenance service.

UV Air Sterilizer & Deodorizer

Numerous forms of indoor air pollution are possible in public and private buildings such as libraries, hospitals, schools, offices, and homes, etc. According to the World Health Organization, micro-particles and micro-dusts affect severely people’s respiratory and digestive and reproductive systems.


All-in-One air sterilizer & deodorizer is highly effective in killing pathogenic micro-organisms, eliminating micro-pollutants and removing odorous sources by using multiple filters and UV activated hydroxyl (OH) radicals. 

Applications: homes, offices, libraries, schools, daycares, hospitals, clinics, museums, senior care centers, conference centers, cinemas, cafes and more


We provide on-site installation and maintenance service. 


For more inquiry, please contact 

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Food hygiene_p1.png
Food Production Hygiene & Disinfection Solutions

Rigorous total hygiene and disinfection care are necessary for food production. It is called HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). It is a hygiene management system that identifies hazards and manages to control critical points to prevent a potential hazard that can occur in the food processing chains from purchase and examination of all ingredients in pre-processing, processing, transporting, distribution, and cleaning. Our total care system is a system that identifies potential hazards in the food production processes and puts the system in place to reduce these risks to a safe level. 


Applications: meat processing factories, food packaging factories, schools, hospitals, medical centers, sanatoriums, day care centers, resorts, industries, hotels, military sites, restaurants, and cafeterias with serving group meals, where food hygiene is very important.

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